How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (2023)

Wondering how to dress if you’re short and stout? This post is for you, my friend!

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (1)

Short men come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to dressing well, all mend of modest height are familiar with some common frustrations (like pants being too long).

But other problems are body type specific, and it’s important to understand how your individual build affects your style choices.

This post is for my short, stout and hefty (or, if you want to be blunt, short and fat) brethren.

What does “stout” mean?

What exactly does stout mean, you ask?Hefty, portly, rotund, stocky, heavyset…you get the point.

This post isn’t really geared toward the athletic body type,which features broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (2)

Instead, this post is for the man whose torso is as wide or wider than his shoulders. You may have some extra weight around your midsection, or you may be “built like a fire hydrant” as one reader put it.

Either way, I’llteach you how to dress in a way that flatters the stout body type.

Here’s the Problem…

The biggest style problem short, stout men face is inconsistent fit.Clothes that fit okay on one part of your body fit terribly everywhere else.

Here are some examples:

  • Pants that fit around your waist are way too long.
  • Pants that fit in the seat and thighs are too wide and baggy around your calves and ankles.
  • Shirts that fit around your stomach are too long to wear untucked.
  • Shirts that fit up top (neck, shoulders, chest) are too big everywhere else (like the sleeves).

The list goes on, but you get the point. It’s a problem of proportion. You can’t find anything that really fits and flatters your specific build.

If it’s the right length, it’s too tight. If it’s the right width, it’s too long. Story of your life, right?

I’m going to give you three solutions to this problem, but first I want to cover some basic do and don’t guidelines for short and fat men.

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DOs and DON’Ts

Don’t wear baggy clothes to “cover up” your weight. It has the exact opposite effect.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (3)

It may seem counterintuitive, but clothes that are a bit for fitted will actually de-emphasize your weight, rather than drawing more attention to it.

On the other hand, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) wear tight or skinny fit clothing. This will emphasize your weight even more than baggy clothing.

Do wear fitted clothes that sit close to your body, and avoid excess fabric.

Don’t wear pants with too much taper through the leg (“skinny” fit).

Do wear pants with a gently tapered leg and slim leg opening (“slim-straight” fit).

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (4)

Don’t wear low rise pants that sit below your belly.

Do wear mid or high rise pants that sit at your natural waist, well above your hip bones.

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Do wear pants with suspenders or side tabs when possible (can be more comfy). Use suspenders to “float the waist” instead of letting your belly sit over your waistband.

Don’t wear belts unless you have to (especially if they aren’t comfortable).

Don’t wear big, bold patterns.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (5)

Do stick with solid colors and small scale patterns.

Do learn the rules for dressing taller than every shorter man should know.

Here’s an example of two of my favorite modest men – Daymond John and Robert Herjavec – making it look easy:

Notice the impeccable fit, higher waistlines, small patterns, solid colors and proportionate details.These are some dapper sharks!

It’s highly likely that their suits are bespoke because the truth is: If you’re short and stout, it’s almost impossible to find clothes that fit properly off the rack.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (6)

Clothes simply aren’t made for your build. Major retailers have chosen to ignore your segment of the population for logistical and economical reasons.

It sucks. Trust me, I feel your pain. But we can’t change that, so let’s talk about what we can do about it.

Here are a few solutions:

Get Your Clothes Tailored

Tailoring is the secret weapon of stylish men, especially those of us with non-average dimensions.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (7)

For short, hefty gents, tailoring is dually important. The question is which alterations are most important? It comes down totwo factors:

  1. What can and cannot be fixed
  2. What different alterations cost

Luckily, you can learn all about that from theClothing Alterations page. For now, I’ll summarize what you need to know.

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Shirts & Jackets

Find shirts that fit in the shoulders, neck and chest. Sleeves can be shortened, and the midsection can be taken in, but it’s prohibitively difficult and expensive to alter the shoulders.

When in doubt, size up to accommodate your neck and chest, then get the sleeves and body shortened at the tailor.

Pants & Shorts

Find pants that fit in the seat, crotch and thighs. Make sure the rise (distance from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch) is okay.

Pants can be hemmed and tapered by any decent tailor, and adjusting the waist is just as easy. But it’s much harder to fix the seat, hips and rise.

Your best strategy is to buy full-cut clothes and get them taken in as needed.

Shop Speciality Brands

There are a handful of small apparel companies catering to shorter men. I’m not talking about the “big and tall” section of the department store.

I’m talking about companies like Under 510, and Peter Manning thatmake clothes exclusively for shorter men.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (8)

You can find a full list of these companies on this page: Clothes for Short Men

These niche clothiers don’t just chop a couple of inches off the bottom of mass-manufactured pants and call it a day. They actually create new patterns from scratch with proportions that work for men under 5’9″.

Yes, you have to buy online (for the most part). Yes, it can be more expensive. And yes, it’s totally worth it.

Buy Custom Clothing

For dress shirts and suits, you might want to go custom. It’s especially important for dress clothes to fit well, and the cost of alterations adds up quickly – especially for suits and jackets.

Whether you visit abespoke tailoror order fromonline made-to-measure company, custom clothing requires effort and patience.

But for short, stout men,going custom is one way to achieve proper fit that isn’t possible with off the rack clothing.

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If there’s one thing that will make you look and feel amazing, it’s a high quality suit that fits your body perfectly.

So, even if you only wear a suit and dress shirt a couple of times each year, it makes sense to invest in one custom made ensemble for those special occasions.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, check out Indochino, one of the best affordable MTM options.

Pay Attention to Proportion

Broad, stocky men should avoid thin, dainty details like slim lapels and skinny ties. Compared to your breadth, these details and accessories will look too small, which makes you look wider.

How to Dress if You're Short, Stout and Hefty (9)

Opt for normal lapels and neckties (around 3″ wide at their widest point). While we’re on the topic, stay away from small tie knots like the four in hand. A half Windsor will look more natural against your neck and chest.

When choosing shirt collars, go for medium spread collars. They’ll look great against a thicker neck, especially if you use a hefty tie knot.

Same goes for watches. If you have thick wrists and fingers, wear a watch that has some substance and weight to it. Anything smaller than 40mm might look comically small on your wrist.

Putting It All Together

When you pay attention to details and get everything right, the results are amazing. Here’s a little inspiration from some short, stout, stylish men:

(Video) outfit ideas for chubby girls with names||THE TRENDY GIRL

Pretty sharp, eh? Just goes to show that anyone can dress well, regardless of body type. It just takes effort.

Did I miss anything? Chime in by leaving a comment below!


How should you dress if you are short and heavy? ›

10 Best Ways to Dress if you are Short and Overweight
  1. Avoid Shapeless Clothing.
  2. Wear Slimming Colors.
  3. Wear Prints with Caution.
  4. Avoid Bulky Clothing.
  5. Avoid Micro Handbags.
  6. Wear the Right Undergarments.
  7. Avoid Fabric That is Too Clingy.
  8. Tailor Your Clothing.
11 Jul 2021

What should I wear if my height is short? ›

Pants, slim jeans, skirts, and shorts with a high waist create the illusion of longer legs, making you appear taller. In addition, A tucked-in fitted blouse, a button-down shirt, or a crop top/bralette can be worn with high-waist bottoms.

What should I wear if I'm short and chubby men? ›

Go for slim-but-not-skinny pants that have a subtle taper below the knee. Look for "slim straight" or "athletic" cuts in the product description. For shirts, just try to trim the fat. Many "classic" or "traditional" fits will be too big for you, especially around the waist, and especially if you have a V-shaped torso.

What should I wear if I am short and curvy? ›

What to Wear if You are Short and Curvy
  • Wear Dresses with Defined Waistlines.
  • Wear High Rise.
  • Use color blocking.
  • Wear Petite Size Clothing.
  • Be Cautious with Cuffed Pants.
  • Add a Belt.
  • Skip Exaggerated Sleeves.
  • Off-The-Shoulder Styles are Great.
21 Nov 2022

How do you dress if you're too heavy? ›

Wear fitted clothing to flatter your figure.

Look for shirts that have darting or shape to them so they skim your body. For pants, choose a straight-leg, bootcut, or tailored look. However, avoid a relaxed fit or trouser pant. For skirts or dresses, look for pencil, a-line, or fit-and-flare options.

How do you look hot when you're overweight? ›

10 Simple Style Tips To Dress Sexier When Overweight
  1. Wear simple clothes. If you want to look sexy instantly, don't overcomplicate things. ...
  2. Choose the right fit. ...
  3. Wear bright colors. ...
  4. Avoid trendy clothing. ...
  5. Show off your legs. ...
  6. Wear sexy shoes. ...
  7. Pick one fantastic accessory. ...
  8. Add layers to your outfits.

What looks good on shorter guys? ›

9 Style Tips for Shorter Guys
  • Slim Fit is Flattering. ...
  • Ditch the Belt. ...
  • Rounded, Slim-Profile Shoes. ...
  • Skip the Trouser Cuffs. ...
  • Shorter Jacket Length, Sleeve Length & Inseam. ...
  • Medium and Narrow Lapels are Best. ...
  • Modern Collar Styles. ...
  • Medium or High Rise Trousers.

What to avoid wearing when you are short? ›

What Not To Wear If You Are Short
  • Thick Ankle Strap Heels. When you are petite, one thing you always want to do is give the illusion of a long leg. ...
  • Drop-Waist Dresses. I remember back in the early 2010s there was a big trend in all things drop waist. ...
  • Low-Rise Jeans. ...
  • Too-Long Maxi Dresses Or Skirts.

Do oversized clothes look good on short guys? ›

Avoid wearing oversized clothes – Style yourself in well-fitted clothes. I am not saying to wear a skinny fit outfit always. But the right fitting will make you look proportionate. Oversized shirts and t-shirts will make your torso longer and wide than your legs and it creates a shorter height illusion.

How should a short and muscular woman dress? ›

Go strapless

A strapless knee length or more dress or skirt will make you look feminine. If you have a muscular body, you should not wear miniskirts as they do not flatter those nice glutes. But a knee length or calf length strappy dress will give just a glimpse of them and make you look more alluring.

How can I look beautiful in short height? ›

You can do just that by following these nine tips:
  1. Avoid loose fitting clothes. ...
  2. Wear low contrast outfits. ...
  3. Choose small scale patterns. ...
  4. Wear proportionate accessories. ...
  5. Avoid bulky outerwear. ...
  6. Wear height boosting shoes. ...
  7. Work on your posture. ...
  8. Shop smarter.
8 Jul 2019

How can I look tall at 5 feet? ›

If you are wondering how you can look taller sans heels, here is your one-stop solution. Check out these tips and tricks to look taller.
  1. Avoid loose fit clothes. ...
  2. Avoid voluminous/elongated jackets. ...
  3. High waist jeans and crop top. ...
  4. Wear vertical stripes. ...
  5. Go Monochromatic.
31 Dec 2020

How should I dress if I am 5 feet tall? ›

If you are under 5 feet, the way to improve your proportion is to focus on making your bottom (legs) to look longer and top (torso) to look shorter. The easiest way to achieve that is by wearing a crop-length top and long bottom. Your bottom could be long pants or long skirts.

What to wear if you have a big stomach? ›

Go big on top, narrow on bottom

Pair any full-cut top, blouse, jacket or tunic with a slim base of trim pants, leggings or straight or skinny jeans (here's where the latter come in handy even if you no longer love them).

Why do I look so top heavy? ›

If you are top heavy, this could mean you have a full bust and carry most of your weight above your waist. It could also be because you have broad shoulders (or have the inverted triangle shape), which makes your upper body appear broader compared to your hips and legs.

How should I dress to look 20 pounds lighter? ›

How to Look 20 Pounds Thinner in Under Two Minutes
  1. Pay attention to vertical lines. These lines in seams, ...
  2. Steer clear of bulky fabrics like boucle and heavy wools. ...
  3. Keep embellishments to a minimum. ...
  4. To instantly appear more slender, try wearing the same. ...
  5. Don't wear clothes that are too large or too small.

How do you not look fat when you are fat? ›

How to Lose Face Fat: 8 Effective Tips
  1. Do facial exercises. Facial exercises can be used to improve facial appearance, combat aging, and improve muscle strength ( 1 ). ...
  2. Add cardio to your routine. ...
  3. Drink more water. ...
  4. Limit alcohol consumption. ...
  5. Cut back on refined carbs. ...
  6. Get enough sleep. ...
  7. Watch your sodium intake. ...
  8. Eat more fiber.

How not to look fat and frumpy? ›

How to not look frumpy when plus size?
  1. Dress for you body shape. Dressing to not look frumpy is all about balancing your proportions. ...
  2. Choose Fitted styles. ...
  3. Know your Measurements. ...
  4. Choose fabrics with stretch. ...
  5. Create a focal point. ...
  6. Invest in great underwear.
18 Jul 2022

Which body type is best for short height man? ›

A belly makes you shorter because it adds width to your midsection and, in essence, cuts your body in half. Instead, aim for a flat stomach and a small waist so you can lengthen your torso and—voilà—look taller.

How can a short guy look big? ›

  1. Dress monochromatically.
  2. Opt for vertical stripes.
  3. Work on your posture.
  4. Use the accessories to draw the eye to the top of your body.
  5. Wear the right shoes.
  6. Wear tight-fitting clothes.
  7. Cut your hair short or tie it up.
  8. Take care of your build.
15 Feb 2021

What kind of jeans should a short girl wear? ›

Depending on how tall you are (and how much skin you'd like to show), a 25- to 26-inch inseam is a safe bet for ankle-length jeans, while a 27-inch inseam should suffice for full-length styles. We found the 21 best jeans for petite women from top brands like Levi's, Good American, J. Crew, Everlane, Madewell, and more.

What height is petite? ›

What Height Is Considered Petite? Petite sizes are designed for women 5'4” and under, regardless of their size. In the petite category, sizes range from extra-small to plus-size. They also have a “P” label to illustrate a smaller and proportioned fit.

Which type of jeans is best for short height girl? ›

  • Levi's 311 Shaping Jeans. Courtesy of brand. ...
  • Loft Chewed Hem Slim Pocket High Waist Skinny Crop Jeans. Courtesy of brand. ...
  • J. ...
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Ultra High Rise Ankle Straight Jeans. ...
  • Madewell Petite High-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans. ...
  • Anthropologie Paige Laurel Canyon High-Rise Petite Bootcut Jeans.
12 Apr 2022

What clothes make you look taller? ›

“Look for straight, tailored pieces that create a 'column' feel,” Audree Kate says. “It will create straight lines up and down your body, making you look taller.” She's not wrong—have you ever noticed how parallel lines tend to make an object (or, in this case, your bod) look slimmer and longer?

How do I make myself look taller? ›

High-waisted pants and skirts, combined with form-fitted tops, can help elongate your frame. You can also add accessories that call attention to your upper half, like bigger hats and scarves. With a little tweaking, you can make yourself tall. Sit up straight and tall so you feel confident in your own body.

What type of jeans should short guys wear? ›

The key for short guys is to get pants with legs that are slim and make your legs look longer. That is why we highly recommend going with a straight or slim fit. These two types of jeans have leg openings that are the same size as the knee or smaller than the knee, which cuts down on bulky fabric.

What height is too short for a woman? ›

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, short stature means an estimated final height below 5 feet 3 inches for boys or 4 feet 11 inches for girls.

What looks good on short legs? ›

Wear high-waisted skirts and pants.

Aim for skirts and pants that go just above your natural waist. These will make your legs look longer by giving the impression that your legs start where your waist does. Low-rise bottoms will generally lengthen your torso and make your legs look shorter, so avoid these.

How can a short girl look beautiful? ›

Tip #3: Instead of oversize layering, try tailored layering like suiting separates. A chic, well-tailored pantsuit looks good on any body type but especially on someone petite. A sleek blazer and suit pants are a great dressier option for someone with shorter legs. Meet your new work suit.

What kind of tops make you look slimmer? ›

Choose Tops with a V-neck

Other elements of this outfit promote the idea of a slender body: the long V-neck attracts the eyes vertically, making the silhouette seem longer (and not wider). The long sleeves also give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

What dress length is best for short legs? ›

The best dress length to make short legs look longer: 2″-3″ above your knee. The most versatile length for petites: right at your knee. The ideal length to make a petite girl appear taller and leaner: ankle length.

How do you wear a dress with a lot of cleavage? ›

Try wearing a camisole in a complementary color underneath your dress or a removable panel that covers your cleavage. You can also use double-sided fabric tape to hold the fabric in a position that covers your cleavage.

How should I dress with big legs and thighs? ›

Loose tops that fall over the thighs stretch the silhouette. Wide or straight-cut trousers make the thigh appear slimmer. Skirts and dresses in A-line emphasize the upper body and conceal big legs. Patterns and bright colours in the area of ​​the upper body distract from the thighs.

How do you dress if you are short and have a belly? ›

Go big on top, narrow on bottom. If you like the idea of belly camouflage but want to show some shape too, let opposites attract. Pair any full-cut top, blouse, jacket or tunic with a slim base of trim pants, leggings or straight or skinny jeans (here's where the latter come in handy even if you no longer love them).

How to dress short chubby legs? ›

What to Wear if you have Short and Thick Legs
  1. Focus on the Top Half.
  2. Avoid Clingy Materials on the Bottom.
  3. Embrace High Heels.
  4. Skip Ankle Straps.
  5. A-Line is Your Friend.
  6. Pointed Toe Shoes are a Must.
21 Aug 2020

How do I get rid of saggy lower belly? ›

Exercises like cardio, yoga, and crunches may tone your muscles and strengthen your lower abs, but they won't “erase” fat deposits. The only way to lose fat on your lower stomach is to lose fat overall. A calorie deficit helps with this.

What should you not wear with a short torso? ›

Wearing high waisted skirts and trousers. These are for those who would benefit from lengthening their legs and are usually best avoided for those with a short torso. This high waistband doesn't leave enough space between the waistband and your bust and can have the effect of making your torso look even shorter.

What should I wear if I have heavy legs? ›

Loose tops that fall over the thighs stretch the silhouette. Wide or straight-cut trousers make the thigh appear slimmer. Skirts and dresses in A-line emphasize the upper body and conceal big legs. Patterns and bright colours in the area of ​​the upper body distract from the thighs.

What looks good on fat legs? ›

How to Dress with Thick Thighs: 10+ Flattering Looks
  • 1 Pick neutral-colored bottoms.
  • 2 Go for vertical stripes on pants.
  • 3 Try wide-legged pants.
  • 4 Accentuate the highest point of your waist.
  • 5 Wear skirts that end around your knee area.
  • 6 Go for soft, stretchy denim.
  • 7 Wear statement tops.

What color pants make you look taller? ›

Reduce the contrast

In this case, dark colours work best as they recede into the body, making you look leaner and taller, rather than emphasising the change in clothing. Of course, black on black is the best example, however other dark colours such as navy, grey, dark brown or deep green work just as well.

What is the correct weight for 5 feet female? ›

Women's ideal body weight = 49 kg + 1.7 kg for every inch above 5 feet.

How short is too short for a dress for a 50 year old? ›

Some stylists suggest that the length around the knee (or two inches above/below) is “universally flattering” on the vast majority of women, but in any case in my opinion it is necessary to evaluate well, better if in front of a mirror and with a critical eye.

How do you look classy when your short? ›

How to Dress if You Are Short (the Ultimate Guide)
  1. Avoid Shapeless, Boxy Silhouettes.
  2. Wear Flare Leg Jeans.
  3. Eliminate Horizontal Lines in Layering.
  4. Wear Full Length Pants.
  5. Dressing Monochromatically.
  6. Keep Your Accessories in Proportion.
  7. Stay Away from Long Tops.
  8. Wear Nude shoes.
27 Aug 2022


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