50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (2023)

When it comes to formal clothing for men, finding the right suit can be a daunting process. Men’s suits are wardrobe essentials that should be made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create stylish menswear with a comfortable fit. The best brands make nice suits that are known for their sleek and functional designs, fashionable aesthetics, premium fabrics and cool styles. While luxury brands can be expensive, high-end suits have become fashion statements that are worth the investment.

Whether you want a business suit for a professional look at work or wedding attire that looks classy, there are several suit brands to consider. Some men will want dress suits that evoke money, power and prestige, while others may prefer a tailored suit that offers affordable style, function and comfort for everyday wear. With so many popular name brand options on the market, it can be a challenge choosing the right suit.

To inspire your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best suit brands for men. From Gucci and Valentino to Brioni and Ted Baker, explore these top-rated suit companies to find designer men’s clothing.

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Best Suit Brands

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is a high-end Italian fashion house prized for its contemporary charm and sleek tailoring. These famous suits are made using the finest materials and the company focuses on clean cuts, dark monochrome hues and sophisticated accents to keep their appeal timeless. From elegant trouser suits to smart casual variations for more relaxed events, this sophisticated label has the ideal fit for every occasion.

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Gucci is a high-end Italian fashion house that specializes in bold accessories, handbags, and suits. Known for encouraging individuality and self-expression through style, their suits boast bright piping, intricate embroidery and vibrant color palettes. Unlike many suit makers, Gucci isn’t afraid to experiment with new-age cuts and materials. As a result, you’ll see everything from oversized blazers to full velvet suits taking center stage at their seasonal runway shows. For men requiring something subtle for formal events, Gucci’s deep neutrals and monochrome suits prove that they also excel with highly wearable designs.

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Burberry is an iconic luxury fashion brand known for producing high-end suits, trench coats and high-quality leather goods. Founded in 1856, this designer is lauded for its commitment to innovation and turning classic timeless suits into stylish statement pieces for modern gentlemen. You won’t find the iconic heritage print or popular gabardine material on most Burberry suits, but each piece is Italian-made and crafted using quality materials like mohair, linen, silk and linen for the ultimate upscale feel and fit.

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Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is an Italian fashion label known for producing Mediterranean-inspired suits that instantly draw the eye. The company’s dedication to quality is evidenced in its classic tailoring and resilient fabrics, with each signature peak lapel and sloping shoulder line giving effortless definition to the body. Dolce and Gabbana suits feature hand-stitched edges, elegant linings and sturdy internal pockets for longevity. Bold men will appreciate the label’s outlandish jacquard designs while working professionals will enjoy the sharp appearance of these classic dark suits. Whichever design you choose, this prevailing name brand will ensure it’s tailored to perfection.

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Brioni is an exclusive Italian menswear company known for its elegant tailor-made suits, leather goods and footwear. As one of the most prestigious suit makers in the world, products from Brioni don’t come cheap. However, thanks to the label’s made-to-measure service, refined cuts and painstaking stitchwork, each suit is considered a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time. Depending on their taste, men can opt for the lightweight Silk-Cashmere range with the timeless Brunico silhouette or keep things suave with one of the prestigious tuxedos worn by stars of the James Bond franchise. Whether you need an upmarket tux or a breathable summer jacket, Brioni has the ideal pick for you.

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Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is a French luxury fashion manufacturer known for slim-fit silhouettes and exquisite tailoring that was founded in 1960 by Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergè. The label leans towards classic hues, quality fabrics and slender lapels, believing that timeless and beautifully constructed suits are a wardrobe staple that every man needs. The brand doesn’t typically feature ostentatious prints or flashy accents, but they have brought their classic designs into the 21st century by melding quality craftsmanship with jacquard fabrics, gold buttons and double-breasted pinstripe designs.

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Givenchy is a French luxury fashion house known for its bold haute couture clothing and accessories. Oozing Parisian sophistication, the structured suits available from this label will have all eyes on you. This high-end company prides itself on creating classic cuts and wearable styles, but the brand also embraces the avant-garde by including small embellishments like zipped pockets, leather cuffs and logo hardware across all lines. Whether you’re in the market for a stylish dinner jacket or require a designer suit for Paris Fashion Week, Givenchy has got you covered.

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Prada is an expensive fashion brand known for timeless Italian tailoring and an unwavering commitment to quality. The label prides itself on using traditional Italian techniques, but the results are anything but old-fashioned. Never afraid to challenge norms, these suits feature nylon cuffs, bold linings, and signature logo accents. The attention to detail is second-to-none, and their lines are frequently worn by members of the royal family, celebrities and stylish gentlemen all over the world.

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Valentino is a high-quality fashion house from Italy that has been designing elegant suits, accessories, and ready-to-wear clothing items since its inception in 1960. The brand sticks to attractive silhouettes and classic lines but modernizes its approach for the young generation with new-age fabrics and contemporary details. Incorporating personalized embroidery and practically invisible fastenings, this Italian name brand is uncompromising when it comes to innovation. Available in cashmere, wool, cotton and lightweight linen, Valentino’s trailblazing suits are the pinnacle of sophistication.

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Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten is a Belgian fashion designer that hails from three generations of master tailors. His designs are always impeccably stitched, and blend elements of classic suit-making with modern trends to create unique patterns and cuts that have taken the world by storm. Although you will find a selection of neutral everyday suits from this edgy designer, he is better known for his unabashed use of pattern and print. Offering everything from silk suit jackets to wearable linen trousers for the summer months, Dries Van Noten is making his mark in the industry.

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Based in Italy, Boglioli is an expensive suit label known for its dressed-down tailoring, quality materials and commitment to reinvention. Each element of Boglioli’s approach to suit-making has been passed down from generation to generation, giving the brand over a century of expertise in the field. Boglioli uses traditional stitching techniques but also incorporates new-age garment-dyeing approaches to give pieces a vintage, relaxed look that aligns with the brand’s easygoing and unstructured lines. Using high-quality virgin wool for comfort and the pleated Neapolitan shoulder technique for a signature Italian touch, Boglioli is a brand that values both style and substance.

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DSquared2 was founded in 1994 by Dan and Dean Caten and has been making waves in the fashion industry with unique and eclectic suit designs. With luxurious fabrics and elegant cuts, the brand uses edgy patch wool, denim and geometric lines to create trendy formal menswear. Effortlessly blending top-of-the-line Italian tailoring with ever-changing global trends, this pioneering designer ensures that you’ll always be rocking the latest styles.

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Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is one of the most prolific luxury fashion brands in the world, offering fine leather goods and eye-catching suits for men. The company prides itself on using only the finest materials available to ensure that each suit is durable and beautifully tailored. The label’s commitment to heritage techniques is laudable, but it’s the inclusion of breathable ankle vents, slick lapels and modern cuffs that makes them a favorite among modern men who value comfort.

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Berluti is a luxury leather maker and manufacturer that specializes in high-quality footwear and ready-to-wear suits. Understanding that fashion is about self-expression and individuality, this French brand is best known for its bold cuts, lightweight materials and jewel-toned palettes. Most suit trousers are designed with a flat-fronted rise and slender legs for a sleek appearance, while jackets are available in classic wools or leather patinas for a more rebellious look. Effortlessly balancing classic fits with radical new-age design work, Berluti is an enduring brand that’s here to stay.

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Thom Browne

Since bursting onto the scene in 2001, Thom Browne has been breaking boundaries in the menswear world with his take on the classic suit. Believing that every guy should embrace perfectly constructed menswear that highlights their best features, this designer made it his mission to reconceptualize men’s suits for the modern era. By making ultra-slim fit jackets, ankle-grazing trousers and signature grosgrain part of the 21st-century style bible, Thom Browne proves that modern suits are anything but ordinary.

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Born from the release of the movie franchise, the Kingsman is a suit brand that started as a joint venture between director Matthew Vaughn and e-retailer MR PORTER. Designed for the modern gentleman and manufactured using classic heritage materials, the Kingsman brand perfectly encapsulates British charm. The standout suits are double-breasted and made with fine mohair or wool-silk blends, but the checked wool and jacquard varieties are equally debonair with their structured fit and Savile Row prestige.

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L.B.M. 1911

Founded in 2005 by the grandson of master tailor Luigi Bianchi, L.B.M. 1911 is a luxury suit label with over a century of experience in the business. Known for their commitment to sartorial elegance, each L.B.M suit is designed to fulfill the needs of the modern man. While they offer a selection of formal jackets, the company is favored for its innovative use of textiles across its casual line of gilets, chinos and sportswear. Regarded for their cool masculine silhouettes and reinvention of popular 1970s trends, this contemporary name brand enables you to stand out from the crowd.

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Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is an exclusive Italian fashion house known for its sustainable approach to designing menswear. The brand is primarily known for using high-quality cashmere and fine wools, offering guys a luxurious feel that never goes out of style. This popular company also uses renewable resources and encourages tailoring repairs instead of new purchases to support the environment. Prioritizing timeless silhouettes and ensuring a percentage of its profits are dedicated to charities, this ethical brand is one to watch.

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With their bold prints and sleek silhouettes, Etro is constantly surpassing its competitors in the fashion world. Although patterned dinner jackets are the most popular items in its catalog, Etro is also known for using high-quality wools, silks and cashmere for a glorious skin feel. With both wearable monochromes and playful pinstripe suits available, Etro should be at the top of your list of bohemian suit makers to invest in this year.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a British company that uses timeless production techniques while drawing inspiration from current trends in art and streetwear. The designer is best known for his eclectic multi-colored stripes, and this signature pattern appears frequently across his soft wool and mohair suits. Most pieces are also excellent for avid travelers, as the 100% worsted wool and half-canvas structure make them virtually crease-proof.

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Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a high-end British clothing and accessories retailer that blends youthful and creative designs with top-grade manufacturing standards. Never afraid to take risks, many of the brand’s single-breasted blazers and fitted jackets incorporate delicate embroidery and subtle logo work. In addition to its elegant formalwear, Ted Baker offers vibrant ties, pocket squares and dress socks that will turn any outfit into a veritable fashion statement.

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford is an American fashion designer who has taken the knowledge learned from his years with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent to create a luxury brand that pushes boundaries. His suits are gorgeous and use everything from jacquard fabrics to stark animal prints to make a statement. Most suits are slim fitting, expertly tailored and crafted using wool and silk blends for a sharp and sophisticated finish. Whether you need a single-breasted everyday suit or a lavish peak-lapel wool option for a high-class event, Tom Ford’s effortlessly stylish collection is bound to get you noticed.

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Drake’s is a luxury British retailer that started its life in East London in 1977. The brand initially made its mark in the fashion industry with a selection of magnificent ties and men’s scarves but has since expanded to manufacture fine shirts, knitwear and suits. The brand’s philosophy revolves around casual elegance, and this notion is reflected in the quality materials, craftsmanship and looser fit of their key pieces.

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Hugo Boss

Founded in 1924, Hugo Boss is an affordable luxury brand that manufactures an impressive range of modern suits for men. Focusing on slim-fit cuts for a razor-sharp look, this company understands the needs of 21st-century gentlemen. While budget-friendly, these suits are beautifully-stitched and incorporate high-quality materials like virgin wool and fine linens. Ideal for weddings, business meetings and casual corporate events, a Hugo Boss suit is a reliable pick for any man on a budget.

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Acne Studios

Despite being relatively new to the luxury fashion game, Acne Studios has made a name for itself as one of the most impressive ready-to-wear brands in recent history. The company’s name stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expression” and their innovative, out-of-the-box designs speak directly to this philosophy. Drawing inspiration from graphic design, architecture and contemporary culture, these suits are unique and come in fascinating colors and textures. Offering slim and wider silhouettes made with custom-developed fabrics, this eclectic brand allows every man to find his perfect match.

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Despite being new to the game, Suitsupply has become one of the most coveted suit brands in the world. Founded in 2000 by Amsterdam-based Fokke de Jong, this unconventional retailer focuses on high-quality Italian wool suits that feature horsehair canvas linings for an unbeatable fit. Each lapel is padded with 1000 stitches to prevent unsightly flattening and the shoulder section features a structured shell for a comfortable, refined fit. Crafted primarily with Italian cashmere silk and pure tropical wool, these custom suits prioritize quality without breaking the bank.

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren Purple Label is a sub-brand of the popular Ralph Lauren collection, and it specializes in fine suits and sportswear for men. The label prides itself on an all-American, preppy approach to fashion, but insists on using traditional Italian craftsmanship to produce quality pieces that will last a lifetime. All dress shirts are constructed with double-mercerized cotton or pure mulberry silk and each ensemble is made-to-measure in a classic fit that fits the body. With smart pinstripe blazers, timeless pleated wool jackets and classic monochrome trousers available for purchase, there’s something for everyone at this trendy name brand.

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Lanvin is a high-end French fashion house that’s been dominating the industry since its founding in 1889. Known for its heritage designs that scream classic Parisian glamor, this enduring brand puts luxury and refinement above all else. Each design is minimalist and fits close to the body, aiming to enhance natural masculine features while disguising flaws. Unlike its competitors, Lanvin doesn’t sell retro prints or gaudy designs. Instead, it opts for classic color palettes and subtle patterns for a look that’s effortlessly chic on and off the runway.

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Reiss is an iconic British fashion retailer known for its affordable pieces and stylish everyday suit designs. Constantly on top of the latest movements in the industry, every ready-to-wear piece from this name brand is always on-trend. Reiss specializes in both classic and slim-fit suits that are impeccably tailored. With wearable tones like navy, dusty blue and soft beige, you’ll never have to worry about clashing with your belt or shoes with this budget-friendly label.

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Dunhill is a highly-regarded British fashion brand that has been selling bespoke menswear and leather goods since 1893. Focusing on timeless cuts and exquisite British tailoring, Dunhill has been rocked by both high-flying executives and red-carpet celebrities. The brand has become synonymous with the three-piece suit over the years and has perfected the structured shoulder line, tight pockets, elegant linings and peaked lapels for a masculine look that exudes power and confidence. As every piece is made-to-measure based on your design preferences, Dunhill promises that your suit will seamlessly align with your current style.

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Founded in 1934, Canali is a high-end menswear brand recognized for its tailor-made Italian suits and menswear staples. With almost a century of experience in the industry, this luxury brand has perfected its approach over generations. As a result, each suit is a sartorial gem that goes through rigorous quality control before being released to the customer. For the ultimate bespoke experience, craft a garment using the Su Misura service. Allowing prospective buyers to select everything from individual buttons to cuffs, the finished product promises to be distinctly yours.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (32)

Brooks Brothers

Hailing from Manhattan and conceptualized in 1818, Brooks Brothers is one of the oldest American clothing houses still in operation. Worn by celebrities and most American presidents over the years, this enduring brand is a top choice for ready-to-wear garments. Not only is this suit maker responsible for redefining the 19th-century American fashion scene, but it offers relaxed, regular and slim cuts across all lines for a varied wardrobe. This versatility enables you to rock the same Brooks Brothers piece at a simple family gathering and a high-profile corporate event.

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Founded in 1979, Hackett is a popular British retailer that focuses on menswear, suits and accessories. Known for manufacturing affordable, high-quality garments, this trendy brand offers everything from classic silhouettes to casual sportswear fits. Keeping heritage tailoring, stylish notch lapels and reliable stitching at the heart of each piece, Hackett is a reliable suit label that deserves a place in any gentleman’s wardrobe.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (34)

Todd Snyder

Perfectly blending New York’s vibrant street culture with classic military tailoring, Todd Snyder is an American designer that has revolutionized the menswear world. Believing that fashion is about pushing boundaries, the brand focuses on cutting-edge wool, mohair and cashmere pieces in modern slim styles. Stocking everything from elegant navy corduroy to silk jacquard suits, this innovative designer offers something for everyone.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (35)


Boasting unmatched tailoring expertise, high-end suit maker Kiton is all about using fine materials to craft an ideal fit. This name brand works with traditional tools like chalks, scissors and needles, and their commitment to sartorial excellence means that each piece takes approximately 25 hours to produce by hand. Seamlessly melding beautifully constructed Neapolitan cuts with decades of tailoring experience, Kiton is one of the most luxurious suit brands on the market that won’t disappoint.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (36)

Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a German designer known for her minimalist designs and sleek silhouettes. Believing that a great suit requires quality tailoring and a sophisticated edge, this female designer focuses on traditional masculine cuts in classic colors. Perfectly combining stripped-back professionalism with top-tier craftsmanship, Jil Sander proves that luxury suits needn’t be showy to look sensational.

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Corneliani is an Italian menswear company that specializes in dapper suits and trendy sportscoats. They are best known for creating expertly engineered two-piece virgin wool suits with elegant lapels, notched collars and breathable vents. With over three generations of experience in the industry, this reputable label continues to impress.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (38)

Rhodes and Beckett

Rhodes and Beckett is one of the most popular high-end labels in the world, creating stylish business wear for men since its formation in 2006. Although the designer’s most popular items are debonair dinner jackets and sleek black tuxes, its high-quality cotton shirts add a touch of sophistication to any corporate outfit. Selling an additional line of cufflinks, silk ties and pocket squares, Rhodes and Beckett is an excellent one-stop-shop for a powerful wardrobe.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (39)

P. Johnson

Despite being a newcomer in the fashion industry, P Johnson is a Sydney-based label that has quickly become one of the most prolific suit makers on the market. The brand offers made-to-measure suits with hand-rolled lapels, canvas structuring and elegant stitching for a sharp and masculine finish. Crafted using the finest materials and designed to feel lightweight and comfortable on the body, a P Johnson suit is an excellent investment that will set you up for success.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (40)

Joe Black

Joe Black is an Australian menswear brand known for its premium materials and bespoke tailoring service. Believing that a made-to-measure suit shouldn’t cost the earth, this designer crafts high-end pieces made from Australian Merino wool, soft linens and strong cottons for a quality feel. With impressive turnaround times and unlimited adjustments, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a new wardrobe staple.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (41)

Gieves & Hawkes

With over 250 years of tailoring experience, Gieves & Hawkes is one of Savile Row’s top menswear experts. Drawing influence from the royal family, wealthy earls and British military heroes, this prolific company seamlessly melds aristocratic history with modern style. The made-to-measure service is second-to-none and allows customers to choose from over 16 fabric collections and several cuff, lapel and button options for a distinctive look. For the ultimate military style, browse their headwear, medal mounting and metalwork section. Understanding that the devil is in the details when it comes to suit-making, this luxury tailor ensures that no two suits look exactly alike.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (42)

Henry Bucks

Henry Bucks is one of the most prolific menswear companies in Australia and has been operating since 1890. Marketing itself as a brand for affluent corporate professionals, each suit is subtle, perfectly cut and designed to close deals. Offering both off-the-rack options in classic colors and exceptional made-to-measure services, this sophisticated brand is a godsend for businessmen around the globe.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (43)

Richard James

Richard James is a popular Savile Row tailoring company founded by a former London boutique buyer of the same name. Worn by high-profile stars like Sir Elton John, Hugh Grant and Theo Walcott, this modern label has quickly found fame with its bespoke tailoring service, vibrant colors and razor-sharp slim cuts. Combining traditional British elegance with ever-changing seasonal trends and hues, you can’t go wrong with this fashion-forward designer.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (44)

Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci is a family-owned Italian luxury brand that designs high-quality menswear and accessories for the modern gentleman. These suits are made using traditional Italian methods and artfully crafted by in-house tailors. Quality control is also unmatched, and the company ensures all threads, lines and patterns are symmetrical for a sharp and refined finish. Offering timeless black suits and intricate jacquard and silk alternatives, Stefano Ricci guarantees a silhouette that will turn heads.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (45)

Charles Tyrwhitt

Founded in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is a British men’s clothing line that produces everything from polished dress shirts to eye-catching casual suits. This impressive company has come a long way since its mail-order catalogs of the late ‘80s and can now be found in department stores around the world. Although manufacturing standards may not match the bespoke ateliers of Savile Row, each piece from this trendy label is comfortable, practical and ideal for the office.

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Dior has become synonymous with luxury and elegance since its founding by fashion mogul Christian Dior in 1946. The company is regarded for its made-to-measure line and commitment to traditional Italian craftsmanship. Typically made using high-quality virgin wool and lined with breathable silks, Dior’s suits are as comfortable as they are classic.

50 Best Suit Brands For Men (2023 List) (47)


What 5 suits should a man own? ›

The Five Must-Have Suits You Need in Your Wardrobe.
  • The Black Suit. A black suit is a classic that every man should have; a sartorial introduction to the world of tailoring. ...
  • The Navy Suit. Next on our list of must-have suits is the navy suit. ...
  • The Grey Suit. ...
  • The Brown Suit. ...
  • The Tan Suit.

What is the current trend in men's suits? ›

Suiting which was previously considered completely dressy and fitted is now becoming more relaxed. Instead of traditional fitted jackets and trousers, an oversized look is trending in 2021 (great for those who've put on some extra weight during the lockdown!).

What 3 suits should a man own? ›

3 Suits Men Need In Their Closet
  • The first custom suit. Your first custom suit should be a staple solid in charcoal. ...
  • The essential suit. Your second suit should be another solid in a rich hue of navy, which is a crucial color to have in your business wardrobe. ...
  • The textured or patterned suit.
Jan 7, 2020

What makes a man in a suit attractive? ›

Suits are more flattering to the body shape, making the wearer seem taller and slimmer. Suits are fashionable at the moment, popular with young and old alike. A man in a suit projects himself as someone who is successful and reliable. This suggests that he is good boyfriend material.

What is the most popular suit color? ›

Navy suits

Navy is the most popular men's suit color, hands down, making up 50% of all suits. It makes sense, as the colour navy represents power and authority — both traits one wants to feel when they wear a suit. That's why navy is known as the presidential suit color.

What color suits should all men have? ›

Below is a list of the top 10 suit colors you must have.
  • Navy Blue. Like a black suit, a navy blue suit is an essential weapon in your formalwear arsenal. ...
  • Charcoal Grey. ...
  • Medium Grey. ...
  • Light Grey. ...
  • Bright Blue. ...
  • Dark Brown. ...
  • Tan. ...
  • Patterned.
May 8, 2018

What are the 4 suits every man should have? ›

Every man needs a combination of the “Core 4” suits that are a necessity for every dapper man's wardrobe. To begin or just strengthen your professional wardrobe the “Core 4” suits are as follows: A solid blue suit, a blue striped suit, a solid charcoal suit and a striped charcoal suit.

What color suit is most versatile? ›

However, if you intend to wear your suit beyond rare occasions, then charcoal grey and navy blue are the superior choices. Why? They are the most versatile and useful suit colours that provide a great value for those who have to wear formal suits regularly and look for a classic and timeless option.

How many suits should a man own if I wear one everyday? ›

If you wear a suit every day, the absolute minimum number of work suits that you should own is four, and that is with the assumption that each suit has two pairs of trousers as most people find that the trousers wear a little faster than the jackets and so by having two pairs of trousers on rotation you are able to ...

What is the most popular men's suit color? ›

The most popular suit color is navy blue; fifty percent of all suits are navy blue or some shade of blue. Coming in second place is grey or black, making up forty percent of suits. These shades are also an excellent fit for nearly any occasion.

Why Italian suits are the best? ›

They also highlight their physical qualities without sacrificing suit comfort. It has higher armholes and an overall shape that are more streamlined. The suit coat fits proportionately, so men wearing these suits look different. That difference is flattering because Italian tailors meticulously design these suits.

How do you know if a suit is good quality? ›

Quality suits will be made using natural materials which is most commonly wool as well as cotton, linen and silk. These natural materials are more durable and will breath more effectively which means they are more comfortable for the wearer and wont cause you to sweat or feel uncomfortably hot.

What is the best fabric of all time? ›

Cotton is breathable, soft, and lightweight. History has proven that cotton is the most used fabric of all time. Known for its versatility, natural comfort, and efficiency, cotton is used to make all kinds of clothing as well as used industrially for producing various types of products.

How do you know if a suit is good fabric? ›

The higher you go, the more fragile the suit. While judging fabric quality requires experience, one of the fundamental ways to test is by scrunching the fabric swatch in your fist. If it bounces back into shape easily, the fabric is of decent quality.

Who makes the most expensive men's suits? ›

8 Of The Most Expensive Luxury Suit Brands in the World!
  • Brioni.
  • Cesare Attolini.
  • Isaia.
  • Kired.
  • Kiton.
  • KNT.
  • Sartorio Napoli.
  • Tom Ford.
Oct 6, 2022

Who wears the best suits? ›

5 of the Most Iconic Suit Wearers in History
  • Fred Astaire. ...
  • JFK. ...
  • The Duke of Windsor. ...
  • Cary Grant. ...
  • George Clooney.

What suits does James Bond wear? ›

Tom Ford. James Bond's suave suits and impeccable tailoring are undoubtedly at center stage of 007's style. Tom Ford's luxury brand was tapped by the franchise for the fourth consecutive time to provide clothing for No Time To Die.

Which brand is best for men blazer? ›

  • MANQ.
  • Peter England.
  • Allen Solly.
  • Van Heusen.
  • Arrow.
  • blackberrys.


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